Kosher Supervision Guide Questionnaire

Important Questions About Your Agency

Last year we introduced a new feature in our Kosher Supervision Guide: brief biographies of the Kashrus Administrator of each agency who responded to the yearly questionnaire.

Readers loved the feature and have asked for more information, more biographies, more details, more background, more everything!

Answering these questions in depth is a great way to promote your agency and the products you certify.

Based on your answers to these questions, we'll compose a brief biography for inclusion in the 2002 Kosher Supervision Guide. It won't go to press without your approval.

How To Answer

We've made it easy for you to add or update your listing. All you have to do is fill out our questionnaire; we'll do the rest.

You can download a copy of the questionnaire in plain text (.txt) or Microsoft Word format (version 6.0 or later), or fill out the questionnaire on-line.

If you've chosen to download the questionnaire, please return it to us promptly when you've finished:

For more information, call us at (718) 336-8544, or email us at

Thank You!

Thanks for helping us make the Kosher Supervision Guide the world's most complete, most up-to-date, most authoritative listing of kosher agencies anywhere!

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